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Book No.Resource TitleAuthor First NameAuthor SurnamePublisherYear
A1John Paul II A Life of GraceRenzoAllegriServant Books2005
A2Living Well, Staying WellNameAmerican Caner SocietyRandom House1996
A3Walk Humbly with Your GodFr. AndrewApostoli, C.F.R.Servant Books2006
B1What Was There for Me OnceMargaretBrennan IHMNovalis2009
B2Sweet, Sweet SpiritJoseph and FernandBrown and CheriSt. Anthony Messenger Press2006
B3When Ministry is MessyRichard C.Brown, PH.D.St. Anthony Messenger Press2006
B4Clothed in the Word of GodRémi and PierreBourdon and GuénetteNovalis2013
C1Blessed Mother Teresa of CalcuttaMarioCardinalNovalisYear
C2We Belong to the Lord JesusWandaConwayCanadian Confrence of Catholic Bishops1998
C3Walking with Saint John XXIIGwenCostelloTwenty-Third Publications2014
C4Seraphic SinglesDorothyCummingsNovalis2010
C5With Respect to WomenNameSurnameCanadian Confrence of Catholic Bishops2000
C6Synod of BishopsNameSurnameCanadian Confrence of Catholic Bishops1998
C7Walk with us for a WhileMollyCallaghanCatholic Missions In Canada2009
C8The Martyrdom of PatienceAgostinoCasaroliAve Maria Center of Peace2007
C9Stray DevotionsJamesClarkeNovalis2018
C10Pathway to our HeartsArchbishop ThomasCollinsAve Maria Press2011
C11EcumenismNameSurnameCanadian Center for Ecumenism2000
C12EcumenismNameSurnameCanadian Center for Ecumenism2001
C13Conerstones of FaithThomasCardianl CollinsNovalis2013
C14Chicken Soup for the Christian Family SoulJack et alCanfield et alHealth Communications, Inc2000
C15Chicken Soup for the Christian Family SoulJack et alCanfield et alHealth Communications, Inc1997
D1Here's How a Catechist's GuideLeeDanescoNovalis2014
D2Names of BlessingPier GiorgioDi CiccoNovalis2009
D3The Unfolding JourneyJean MarieDwyer, OPNovalis2014
D4The Sacred Place of PrayerJean MarieDwyer, OPNovalis2011
D5Sharing our StoryDavidDayerNovalis2017
D6Natural Family Planning Blessed our MarriageFletcherDoyleServant Books2006
D7Do We Worship the Same God?GeorgeDardessSt. Anthony Messenger Press2006
D8Christian CrosswordJimDunnNovalis2017
D9Forgiveness Breaking Free and Moving OnPeter and Patti-AnneDoherty and KayNovalis2017
D10Being a Man After God's Own HeartDavidDaylerNovalis2013
E1Catechist 101 Wade Don't DiveCarole M.Eipers, D.MinTwenty-Third Publications2014
E2The Road Home A Journey of FaithJoan LevyEarleAve Maria Center of PeaceYear
F1And the Two Shall Be Forever OneMona-LeeFeehanNovalis2017
F2The Cistercians in Medival ArtJamesFranceCistercian Publications1998
F3The Church of MercyNamePope FrancisLoyola Press. A Jesuit Ministry2014
F4I Believe The Creed and YouJamesForsythNovalis2012
G1Mary and the IncarnationChristineGrangerNovalis2018
G2The People's RevolutionCharlieGervais, SFMNovalis2014
G3Teachers of a NationJosephGavin, S.J.Novalis2015
G4Waterfalls of New BrunswickNicholasGuitardGoose Lane2009
G5Canada Its Glorious PotentialRonGostickCanadian Intelligence Publications2002
H1Enkindled Holy Spirit Holy GiftsAlbert and BridgetHaase and HaaseSt. Anthony Messenger Press2001
H230 Questions and Anwsers about Christian MeditationPaul T.HarrisNovalis2018
H3When the Spirit SpeaksPeter and DebbieHerbeckServant Books2007
H4Psalm PrayersDavidHaasSt. Anthony Messenger Press1994
H5Prayers and Rituals for the HomeKathyHendricksNovalisYear
H6Dear SisterBobHynesPublisherYear
H7Genesis To JesusKimberly and MichaelHahn and BarberServant Books2007
J1A Recipe for FaithAnneJamiesonNovalis2017
J2Ignatius Loyola and YouEricJensen, SJNovalis2018
K1A Fresh Look at ConfessionDavid M.KnightNovalis2013
K2The Ethical BeingScottKlineNovalis2013
K3The Authentic Catholic WomanGenevieveKinekeServant Books2006
K4Rediscovering The Art of DyingNualaKennyNovalis2017
K5Escape From RomaniaGregory and PatriciaKennedyPublisher1993
K6Healing the ChurchSister NualaKenny, MDNovalis2012
L1God Isn't Finsihed With Me YetBarbaraLeeLoyola Press. A Jesuit Ministry2018
L2Vatican IIMargaretLavinNovalis2012
L3Stations of the Cross for Young CatholicsJosphineLombardiNovalis2012
L4Living with the Liturgical YearJosphineLombardiNovalis2011
L5Disciples of All NationsJosphineLombardiNovalis2014
L6Building a Virtuous SchoolTedLaxtonNovalis2013
M1Called to PrayGilles and BrettMongeau and SalkeldNovalis2012
M2Leader's Guide The MassSharronMcKeeverNovalis2011
M3Student Booklet The MassSharronMcKeeverNovalis2011
M4the furious longing of GodBrennanManningDavid Cook2009
M5Songs of Our Hearts, Meditations of Our SoulsCecilia et al.,Moore et al.,St. Anthony Messenger Press2006
M6Spiritlinking LeadershipDonna J.MarkhamPaulist Press1999
M7Saints to Lean onJaniceMcGrane, S.S.J.St. Anthony Messenger Press2006
M8Ministry That TransformsKathleenMcAlpinNovalis2009
M9John Paul II and the New EvangelizationRalph and PeterMartin and WilliamsonServant Books2006
M10Living with the HoursMaryMarraccoNovalis2011
M11Living with InfertilityRosemaryMorganNovalis2013
M12Medjugorje What's HappeningJamesMulliganAve Maria Center of Peace2009
M13Door into the SacredPaulMurrayNovalisYear
M14Catholic MarrigePatriciaMurphyNovalis2011
M15Divine RenovationFr. JamesMallonNovalis2014
M16Conscience of a NationJacquesMonet, s.j.,NovalisYear
M17Hungry For GodRalphMartinServant Books2007
M18God's Jesters Humor from the PulpitDennisMcCloskeyGeneral Store Publishing House2002
N1Catholics in English CanadaMurrayNicolsonLife Ethics Infromation Center2000
N2Celebrating our LoveNameSurnameNovalis2018
N3Ordo 2014-2015NameSurnameCanadian Confrence of Catholic Bishops2014
N4Ordo 2015-2016NameSurnameCanadian Confrence of Catholic Bishops2015
O1What a Son needs from his DadMichael A.O'Donnell PhDBethany House Publishers2011
O2It Began with a PromiseRichardOlsonNovalis2013
O3Beatitudes for the WorkplaceMaxOliva SJNovalis2009
O4The 10 Commandments for Everyday LifeMaxOliva SJNovalis2015
O5Killing JesusBill and MartinO'Reilly and DugardHenry Holt and Company2013
P1Apostolic Letter Dies DominiJohnPaul IICanadian Confrence of Catholic Bishops1998
P2The Courage to DareKathrynPerryNovalis2013
P3Singular VisionMichaelPowerNovalis2013
P4Servants of AllMichaelPowerNovalis2010
P5Living God's WordArchbishop TerrencePendergast, SJNovalis2012
P6Living God's WordArchbishop TerrencePendergast, SJNovalis2011
P7Life and Times of Pope John Paul IINameSurnameCBC Home Video2003
P8Finding God in the Dark IIJohn and MontyPungente, SJ and Williams SJNovalis2011
R1Make Room For GodSusan K.RowlandSt. Anthony Messenger Press1998
R2Why Priests are HappyStephen J.RossettiAve Maria Press2011
R3Stay with us . . .Fr. ThomasRosica, CSBNovalis2018
R4Remember to Live!ThomasRyanPaulist Press2012
R5Now I Walk on Death RowDale S.RecinellaChosen2011
R6Race, Evolution, and BehaviourJ. PhilippeRushtonCharles Darwin Research Institute2000
R7Meet Fulton SheenJanelRodriguezServant Books2006
S1John Paul IIJosephSinasacNovalis2011
S2John Paul IIJosephSinasacNovalis2011
S3To Lead is To ServeBrother RenéStockmanNovalis2009
S4Turning the TideNameSurnameSalt + Light MediaYear
S5The Creed a Catechist's GuideJanetSchaeffler, OPNovalis2014
S6The Truth about TroubleMichael and JimScanlan and ManneyServant Books2005
S7The Spirituality of the CatechistJanetSchaeffler, OPTwenty-Third Publications2013
S8The Garden Way of the CrossFather Thomas A.StanleyNovalis1993
S9Ubi Caritas Facing the Crisis in Consecrated life todayRenéStockmanNovalis2007
S10Spirituality in BusinessMichaelStephenInspired Productions Press2002
S11River of AwarenessStephenSimsNovalis2009
S12Changing HabitsElizabeth M.SmythNovalis2007
S13Moved with CompassionBrianSeimEssence publishing2000
S14Dad Incarnate Rediscovering FatherhoodBradford T.StullNovalis2007
S15For Earth's SakeStephen BedeScharperNovalis2013
S16Going MissionalKarenStillerWorld Vision Canada2010
T1Catholic TraditionsJoanneTurpinSt. Anthony Messenger Press2004
T2The Transforming Power of Lectio DivinaMariaTastoNovalisYear
T3Mission in ActionNameCHACPublisher1993
T4Last WordsPaulThigpenServant Books2006
T5Discovering Trinity in DisabilityMyroslaw and MariaTataryn and Truchan-TatarynNovalis2013
V1An Ark for the PoorJeanVanierNovalis2012
V2A Network of FriendsJeanVanierLancelot Press1994
W1Jesus in the HouseAllan F.WrightSt. Anthony Messenger Press2007
W2The EucharistGerard P.WeberSt. Anthony Messenger Press2000
W3The Reluctant DiscipleDavidWellsNovalis2015
W4Stepping into MysteryMontyWilliams SJNovalis2012
Z1Living The Jesus PrayerIrmaZaleskiNovalis2011