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The New Freeman is the oldest, continuously published
Catholic newspaper in Canada. It has been the voice of the
Diocese of Saint John since 1900, but it roots began earlier
in the 19th century with an Irish immigrant..
In 1849 Ireland was suffering from famine and fever.
Dr. Boyle Travers immigrated to Saint John from Ireland
in search of better opportunities. Dr. Travers encouraged
his old school mate from Clonakilty, County Cork, Ireland,
Timothy Anglin to immigrate with him.
On July 12, 1849, the city of Saint John held the Orange
Day Parade, which marks the victory of Prince William
III&II of Orange, (a Protestant) over King James II of
England, (a Catholic) at the Battle of Boyne in 1690. It
won Prince William III&II of Orange the title of King William
III&II of England, Scotland, and Ireland. It was after this
parade that Mr. Anglin raised the funds to begin publishing
The Weekly Freeman, though not an officially Catholic newspaper,
it creation was viewed as a Catholic rebuttal to the
Protestant Orange Day Parade.

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