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Sisters of Charity launch new CD

ROTHESAY — Radiance is a new CD launched by the Sisters of Charity, their fifth recording. (Submitted photo)

ROTHESAY — A new CD was launched on Sunday afternoon, June 2. The Gabriel Room at Villa Madonna in Rothesay was site of the latest album released by the Sisters of Charity, a fifth recording. The new release, Radiance includes voices and instruments familiar to the region that has had access to the Songs of Theresa Hucul since 1985.
In a previous recording, the voices and instruments in the parish of St. Mark sounded the joy and potential of music out of creation, scripture and life experience in Harvesting. That was followed by three other albums and CDs.
Singers and instrumentalists invited to this newest album are names familiar in Miramichi, Kings County and Fredericton. In addition to Theresa Hucul compositions there are two Psalms of Ronald Kinsman, and a favoured composition of composer, Carolyn MacDade.
The launch was a circle of the first participants to hear the new disc, produced through Mike Boyer Productions. Silence accompanied the first hearing of the songs and instrumental viola of Radiance.
The accompaniment edition, the small edition and the disc were received and carried home with mutual gratitude between the Sisters of Charity Community and friends. Copies are available by calling 506- 634-4970 and 506-642-3152.§